Praise and Worship Ministry

Music is one of the departments of MEICRON and occupies a central place in the teen and children ministry. In 2007, the Evangelist Thuram Kasongo founded “Choeur des Anges” (Choir of Angels) a choir with children aged between 7 and 16 years old. Five years after the creation of Choeur des Anges in 2012, they recorded an album entitled “J’aime Jésus” (I love Jesus) with 10 titles. Today most of these children are worship leaders and some have become pastors serving God with excellency and power in different locations around the world.

Currently Choeur des Anges is led by Brother Danny Ndjibu who provides training and mentoring members of this platform of spiritual growth through praise and worship.

The mission of Choeur des Anges
To serve and raise the standard of excellence in the worship ministry.
To teach the church to worship and know that the focus is on God alone.
To facilitate spiritual growth, built self-esteem and mentor worship leaders through teaching of: The Word, Prayer, Encouraging Godliness, creativity and Music.