MEICRON was born in 2011 by a revelation of the Lord to brother Thuram Kasongo. MEICRON’s activities began in 2011 with major intercessory meetings for nations and for the Body of Christ. Those meetings were organized once a month in different location according to the availability of the hall that could receive the crowd. Beside intercessory meetings, MEICRON was holding conferences where guest speakers were associated.

It was later in 2013 that the Lord opened the door to Asia more specifically in China where the mission consisted of street evangelism and the distribution of the New Testament in Mandarin, the Chinese national language. At that time the focus was only on Chinese people. But one day as Evangelist Thuram was returning to Congo from a mission trip in China, while crossing India to make a call in Istanbul the airplane got fire and by God’s grace the crew could manage to make an emergency landing at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, India. It was there in New Delhi that when brother Thuram knelt down to give thanks to the Lord for saving his life, the voice of the Lord spoke to him in a clear way that it was time to extend the mission in India.

Then MEICRON’s work spread to India, Nepal, Cambodia South Africa and Congo where crusades, conferences and public gospel meetings have been organized in partnership with local churches. You can find out more about MEICRON’s evolution by reading the book “Boundless Passion”, written by brother Thuram.
During the last 4 years MEICRON has focused its action especially in the South of India, because this region includes the largest proportion of the Christians of the country. And these Christians need to be well equipped to bring about a powerful awakening that will spread throughout the country and the surrounding area. Projects are underway for other countries in the area.
In Kinshasa, MEICRON has just inaugurated a missionary training center whose first students receive, in the month of august, certificates of completion of the first module of the training curriculum. MEICRON is built on the principles, teachings and values of the Bible. MEICRON’s priority is to build the capacity of local churches with knowledge of the word of God and power to increase their impact in their respective communities on all levels: spiritual, social, economic, cultural, political and artistic. Because there is not mission without missionary.