Church Planting

History suggests that church planting remains the most effective form of evangelism.
The church is God’s primary vehicle to advance his kingdom on earth. The goal of
our evangelism and mission work is to establish new churches and strengthen
existing ones. We don’t randomly scatter seeds with the hope that something grows.
We strategically plant churches that will become strong enough to plant more.
MEICRON is open to potential church planters who are looking to plant a church in
the next twelve to eighteen months. Our training program is designed to help them
discern their calling, affirm their strengths, and identify their weaknesses.
The goal of our program is to equip future church planters with skills that will help
them plant healthy, vibrant, and growing churches and break from current statistical
norms. This program helps pastors and new church planters develop their leadership
skills so they can succeed in their church-planting objectives.